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Patty’s Picks: The story of Amy Winehouse in ‘Back to Black’

Patty’s Picks: The story of Amy Winehouse in ‘Back to Black’

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TV Host and Movie Critic, Patty Spitler, joined us Friday morning to share her thoughts on the new film, “Back to Black.”

“Back to Black” tries to address and explain some of the issues Amy Winehouse faced.

She was a sensation with her song “Back to Black” in 2006, known not just for her music but also for her captivating and sometimes bizarre stage presence.

Marisa Abela deserves applause for portraying Amy without facial prosthetics and singing all her songs herself.

She captured the look and struggles of an alcoholic drug addict with eating disorders.

It’s tragic to think Amy Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning at just 27 years old.

The film “Back to Black,” directed by Sam Taylor-Johanson and written by Matt Greenhalgh, tries to condense Amy’s complex life into just over two hours.

While they made a good effort, Spitler wasn’t a fan of all the dark shots and imagery.

Spitler wanted to see what was happening clearly, not just feel the mood.

“Back to Black” is rated R for drug use, sexual situations, and language.

Despite its flaws, Spitler did learn a lot about Amy’s chaotic life and felt sympathy for her struggles.

Overall, she gave it 3 ½ out of 5 stars.