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Rooted School launches program to give students cash and financial literacy course

Rooted School is dedicated to closing the wealth gap and providing students pathways to financial freedom. This year, the school partnered with the University of Pennsylvania to start a Youth Cash Transfer program. Rooted School leader Ma’at Lands and junior student Dwayne Sullivan joined us to discuss the program. The Mind Trust supported the launch of Rooted School, as the organization aims to empower students, educators, and communities in Indianapolis.

The Youth Cash program gives $50 a week to 40 randomly selected students. The students can spend this money on whatever they want, and they are also enrolled in a financial literacy course. The program aims to change the trajectory of students’ lives by providing a quality education and equipping them with the financial resources and knowledge to pursue their dreams.

To learn more about the program, visit the Rooted School website. For more information on how The Mind Trust is supporting education in Indianapolis, visit the organization’s website.