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The Aspen Dental Healthy Mouth Movement DeliverS Free Dental Care to Veterans

The Aspen Dental Healthy Mouth Movement Kicks-off its Second Year with New Partnership with Got Your 6, Delivering Free Dental Care to Veterans

Nearly two in five American adults (39 percent) say they have limited or will delay dental care due to their financial situation, a number that has increased by nearly eight percent in the past two years. And they’re making the decision despite knowing the long-term financial implications — 80 percent are aware that postponing or delaying routine visits will cost them more money in the long run. A survey of more than 1,000 adults was conducted by ORC International and commissioned by Aspen Dental.

Among the other key findings of the survey:

• More than half of survey respondents (53 percent) consider routine dental visits for exams and cleanings a “nice to have” that can be delayed.

• Nearly one in five respondents (17%) would fix problems with their car ahead of addressing pain in their mouth.

Americans who delay dental care face serious long-term dental problems. More than two million visits are made to hospital emergency rooms each year for dental pain, where treatment is nearly ten times more expensive than the cost of preventive care. Emergency room visits for dental care are on the rise, and cost nearly $1 billion a year. In addition to the financial implications, research shows that poor oral health can increase the risk for other serious health problems, including cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

…the first thing I hear alot is fear, there’s cost issues, whether insurance is covered or not…these are the barriers we are trying to break. The one main problem I’m starting to see is just education…not necessarily thinking that it is required to go. But everybody needs to go and at least have an evaluation.” Dr. Sarosh Shamsi, Aspen Dental (Indianapolis)

The Healthy Mouth Movement Is Bringing Relief to Those in Need

To bridge the oral healthcare gap and provide much needed care to those in need, the dentists and staff at Aspen Dental practices across the country are volunteering their time and talents once again in 2015 through the Healthy Mouth Movement.

The Healthy Mouth Movement is a community giving initiative launched by Aspen Dental in 2014 to deliver free dental care and oral health education to people in need across the United States. In its inaugural year, the Healthy Mouth Movement served close to 3,000 patients by nearly 2,000 Aspen Dental team members, who delivered more than $1 million in free dental care, through free days of service in hundreds of Aspen Dental practices and via the Aspen Dental MouthMobile, a fully-equipped dental office on wheels.

This year the Healthy Mouth Movement will focus efforts on serving those who have served our nation — veterans — to empower them by helping address their oral health issues. The Aspen Dental MouthMobile will travel to communities throughout the U.S. in partnership with local veterans’ organizations, and participating Aspen Dental practices will open for one day for free care for veterans later this year.

As part of this commitment, Aspen Dental is proud to partner with Got Your 6, a highly influential campaign that helps strengthen communities and empower veterans nationwide. Got Your 6- meaning “I got your back” – focuses on six key pillars of veteran reintegration, including leadership, health and education.

“Got Your 6 believes that our veterans have the unique opportunity to strengthen and reinvigorate their communities. Aspen Dental’s support helps our veterans to successfully reintegrate and ensures that they are seen as the civic assets that they are,” says Chris Marvin, Managing Director of Got Your 6. “We are excited to partner with the Healthy Mouth Movement as we work to empower veterans and support them as leaders in our communities.”

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