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The Film Yap’s Movies to Watch: Melissa McCarthy & Octavia Spencer star in new superhero comedy, more

What’s new in theaters? What’s new on digital/demand, streaming and more? The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd runs down the list:

New in Theaters:

Moffie — This sensitive South African drama looks at a closeted gay teen who is conscripted into the army during the height of Apartheid. Starts strong and loses steam.

Voyagers — Astronauts born and die on an 86-year mission to space to find a habitable planet, but then the new generation of crew starts to rebel against their rigid life.– with Colin Farrell.

New On Digital/Demand:

Held — In this psychological horror flick, a couple trying to repair their marriage in an isolated country home are compelled by a mysterious unseen force.

Cool on Streaming:

Thunder Force — Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy star in this comedy about a world where super-villains are commonplace, so they give themselves powers to stem the tide of evil. This is now on Netflix.

You Might Have Missed:

Atlantic City — Louis Malle’s masterful film about an elderly would-be mobster pining for a young casino worker still vibrates with a sad, lovely energy. This is now on Blu-ray.