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The Mind Trust has awarded $130,000 towards literacy programs in Indianapolis

Literacy is the foundation for learning, and The Mind Trust is promoting student literacy across Indianapolis! In March 2021, the organization launched a Go Farther Literacy Fund, and since then the program has invested $130,000 in literacy projects. Patrick Jones, The Mind Trust Senior Vice President of Leadership & Equity, joined us today to share more about the literacy initiative.

During the most recent round, the Go Farther Literacy Fund awarded a total of $50,000 to 18 projects led by Indianapolis families, teachers, and community-based organizations. Author Amber Echols received $4,000 to provide her book “Finding My Voice with a Speech Disorder” and an accompanying workbook to more than 175 local K-2 students.

The Mind Trust will announce when the next round of funding is available, and the organization encourages people to start thinking of their next literacy idea!

To learn more about the program and see current and previous recipients, visit The Mind Trust website.