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Tips for a successful virtual interview: Be great on video

Virtual interviews are here to stay and if you’re looking to get that next great opportunity, how you show up in the video interview really matters. In part one of this series, Lisa Mitchell, communications expert & founder of Power Body Language, showed you how to prepare for success. Today, in part two she’s sharing tips and tricks for how to show up as your best self in your next video interview.  

1. Be On Before You’re

Don’t wait until the
other person is looking at you on your screen before you decide to really
“turn on” your personality and energy. Prepare yourself just like you
would for an in-person interview. Take extra time to get ready so you can feel
confident about how you’re making your first impression. 

If you normally like to
listen to something that gets you pumped up before walking into an interview,
go ahead and leave time to pump yourself up that way before you get on camera
for the video interview. If doing jumping jacks or physical movement helps
energize you before an interview, get moving! Use all the tools you would for
an in-person interview to help you show up as your best self for your virtual

2. Show Up As Your Full

We have a tendency to
“play small” when we are on video calls and that can really downplay
your personality and give the perception that you’re less energetic or
expressive than you actually are. The goal on a video interview is to show up
on screen as close to how you actually would show up sitting across the table
from someone that was interviewing you. Use your explanatory gestures, your
facial expressions, and your space the same way on video as you would in the
room with someone. Don’t let showing up on video mean you’re not as vibrant or
expressive and you would be in person.  

3. Keep The
Distractions To A Minimum

It’s easy to get distracted
while doing a video interview. Just like an interviewer would feel you were
distracted if you kept checking your phone or letting something else capture your
attention if you were interviewing in person, it can be even easier to appear
distracted during a virtual interview. Do yourself a favor and minimize all the
potential distractions around you before and during a virtual interview. 

Put your phone on silent
mode and put it face down or in the other room if you can safely do so. Close
out of other tabs, especially social media or messaging apps, that might pop up
and pull your attention away from the interview. Control as many as your distraction-causing
controllables as you can to make sure the interviewer feels that you’re giving
them your full attention. 

Showing up in a virtual interview can be just as powerful as being in the room with the interviewer if you show up prepared, energized, and focused on helping them experience you to your fullest during the process. 

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