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Tracy Forner shares organizational tips for hidden spaces this week’s Unique Home Solution

You need a place to put all your stuff, but have you considered the hidden spaces around your home? Indy Style host Tracy Forner opens your eyes to the organizational possibilities.

 This is not about de-cluttering is it about recapturing space.”

Here are some of the places you might investigate:

1. The glove compartment.  Do you really need everything in there at your finger tips?  Think about relocating what you don’t need to the trunk or garage and keep the space for things you use like wipes and plastic bags.

2. Unused space at the top of your garage and closets.  You will find 2 to 3 feet of available space you can use to store out of season items.

3. Spice racks.  You may have up to 8″ of unused space.  Grab a small tension rod used and put it at the back of the cabinet and you can store the small bottles.

4. Install an empty electrical box as a small safe to hold a flash drive, cash or other small valuables.  Just cut hole next to a stud and install it.  Put a fake electrical or cable plate over it and with a couple of screws you can hide your valuables.

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