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Ugly Chair Challenge: The Chair Stylist turns ugly chairs into works of art, teaches how you can do it too

Wendy Conklin aka The Chair Stylist says she can transform even the ugliest chairs into a whimsical and practical work of art.

She is a former educator turned boutique chair decorator helping people around the globe infuse personality, color and whimsy into their surroundings.

Conklin has built a multi-six-figure business in only 3 years, reupholstering chairs and teaching others how to do it themselves with ease via her online courses. She makes it fun and easy, especially since she believes that design rules are meant to be broken. 

Through her company, Chair Whimsy, she offers various options to turn a boring and beige room into whimsical and wow, including a collection of ready-made designer chairs, custom chair design, fabric selection services and a host of courses to unleash the DIYer’s inner artist. 

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