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Understanding concrete repair and protection

LevelUp Concrete Solutions: When to Repair vs. Replace

Water and soil issues are primary causes of deterioration in concrete, leading to cracks and sinking due to voids underneath the surfaces. To mitigate this, it’s essential to seal both the surface and any existing cracks or joints to prevent water from seeping in, which helps maintain the concrete’s integrity and longevity.

When deciding between repairing or replacing concrete, the choice often depends on the surface’s structural condition. Repairing is a feasible and economical option if the structural integrity is intact, typically costing 25-50% less than replacement and offering extensive warranty protection. Moreover, repairing is more environmentally friendly compared to replacement, considering cement production is a major emitter of carbon dioxide.

Level Up Concrete Solutions excels in providing durable repair and protection solutions for concrete. They emphasize educating clients on the issues and repair options available, ensuring thorough understanding and satisfaction. If an issue is beyond their capability, they refer clients to capable specialists, reinforcing their commitment to customer satisfaction and trust.