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Unique Home Solution: Au Natural or Au Chemical

Tracy Forner shares his best tips for a better lawn either with or without chemicals.  If you want to reduce the amount of chemicals you are using in and around your house, there are simple and inexpensive ways that might help.

Au Chemical

Keep It Bottled Up or Keep It Bottled Out – great use for a plastic drink bottle.  You can place it over the weed and shot the weed killer only on the plant you want or place it over a plant that you need to protect.

Show A Little Glove – try spraying the chemical on a rubber glove and using that to wipe the chemical only on the area you need to treat.

Au Natural

The Right Tools – The best way to remove weeds involves using your own muscles and a little leverage.  Having the right tool can make it easy. One of Tracy’s favorites is the Fiskers UpRoot Weed and Root Remover.  You can find it on-line and at most local hardware and big box stores.

Killa In Da House – Vinegar and Salt are two household items that make great weed killers.

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