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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for HIM with the Gadget Guy

Celebrate the man in your life this Valentine’s Day with some “manly” gifts just for him! Here’s more with our Gadget Guy David Novak!

  1. GrillBlazer & GrillBlazer Su-VGun Basic
    $150.00 each
    A great Vday gift for the man who loves BBQ, ,consider the GrillBlazer GrillGun Basic. This is a high-power 400,000 BTU propane torch that’s designed to light up your charcoal and heat up your grill faster than any other grill starter on the market. This propane torch is designed to be held comfortably and safely while you light up your charcoal grill in a matter of seconds. With it, you can light up your charcoal and warm up your grill up to five times faster than when using a standard gas grill, making charcoal grilling faster and much more fun than when grilling on a gas grill. video: . The GrillBlazer Su-VGun Basic is a shorter version of the GrillGun Basic, and is designed to be used in the Kitchen and allows you to easily sear your meat faster and better. You can sear any meat that’s cooked in a sous vide style, flame a creme brulee, or even start a small charcoal grill with ease and in a much quicker way than he could ever do if cooking on a gas grill. video:
  2. Nove Trident R150 Watch
    The Nove Trident R150 is a brand-new ultra-slim automatic luxury diving watch that features a beautifully sleek redesign of the company’s already popular Trident line of watches. It comes equipped with a built-in ultra-slim 13.05mm case that can withstand up to 660 ft. (200 m) of water resistance, and also integrates a Swiss-made Automatic R150 Movement for calibrating this premium timepiece. Its dial and case are made with Double Curved Sapphire, which gives the watch some great durability and helps to create high visibility for contrast, making it pop out with any outfit. Additionally, its dial is also made with the highest grade of Tahitian Mother of Pearl. While this watch is extremely water resilient, it also features a Super Luminous technology on its index and hands that allows it to produce a vibrant glow for easy visibility in the dark, with its luminescent coating supporting easy time-telling. All that makes the Nove Trident R150 the perfect diving watch for deep sea diving, even for darker waters. video:

Available for $480 on Indiegogo through February 14, 2021, coming in 4 different colors: Blue, Rose Gold, Silver and Black.

  1. Ball Watch Engineer HydroCarbon Original
    The Ball Watch Engineer HydroCarbon Original is a stainless steel Extreme Adventuring Diving Watch, and the company’s 15th Anniversary Limited-Edition of the original model. This Swiss-Made diving watch is extremely durable, coming equipped with a 40mm case that features up to 7,500Gs of Shock Resistance, a value 80,000A/m for anti-magnetism and up to 660 ft. (200 m) of water resistance. It also integrates 30 micro gas tubes on its highly visible hour, minute, and second watch hands, as well as under its dial and bezel, thus providing a decent illumination for the best night reading capability without requiring any external light source. Its bezel also integrates an Anti-Reflective Convex Sapphire Crystal that makes reading fairly easy. All that makes this watch 100 times brighter than watches that use luminous paint. Lastly, its tapered stainless-steel bracelet is highly-durable, but still quite comfortable to wear. video:
  2. CoreChair Classic Ergonomic Office Chair
    This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for any caring husband or boyfriend that spends too much time working at his desk, whether that’s at home or at the office. The CoreChair Classic is a comfortable ergonomic office chair which features a specialized design that helps to promote movement and active-sitting, which consequently can help to build core strength. Featuring a simple, yet very comfortable padded shorter back rest that’s designed to stabilize a user’s pelvis and to improve posture, this chair also features an Eco-friendly build, as its seat is solely made from 100% recycled water bottles. Lastly, this awesome ergonomic office chair is backed by not one, but two different Ergonomic Certifications that lead Chiropractors, Surgeons, Massage Therapists, and many other healthcare professionals across the US to recommend this product. video:
  3. Google Pixel 5 Smartphone (Supports 5G)
    The Google Pixel 5 Smartphone by Verizon is perfect for any girl who’s looking to gift their man a brand-new 5G Smartphone. This ultra-modern, high-end 5G Smartphone comes equipped with a 6-inches 90Hz OLED display that boasts a 2,340 x 1,080 pixel-resolution at a 19.5:9 ratio (~432 ppi density), while also supporting HDR10+. This brand-new Google Smartphone also supports 5G connectivity, integrates a fingerprint scanner and features 8GB of RAM and a total of 128GB of Storage Space. The phone is powered by a Qualcomm SM7250 Snapdragon 765G Chipset that packs a Octa-core CPU and an Adreno 620 GPU. Everything runs smoothly on Android 11. This 5G Smartphone can also cover all of your photography needs, as it features a Dual Camera Setup at its back that combines a 12.2 MP Dual-Pixel Lens with a 16 MP Ultrawide Lens, as well as a smaller 8MP punch-hole Selfie Camera integrated at the front. Lastly, its powerful Li-Po 4080 mAh battery can offer you up to 26 hours of active battery life or up to 11.5 days of stand-by time. The phone also supports both 18W Fast Charging via its USB Charging Cable and 12W Wireless Charging. video:
  4. Somnofy Sleep Monitor
    If the man in your life is experiencing any sleeping issues, then this next smart health gadget is the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for him. Meet Somnofy, a Non-Contact Smart Sleep Monitor that can help you find a better sleep thanks to its smart sleep analytics and daily sleep score, which are powered by an accurate machine learning technology. To set it up, simply place the smart sleep monitor on your nightstand and as soon as you go to bed, its 10 built-in sensors will immediately start tracking all surrounding noise levels, your respiration and breathing patterns, the current ambient light, the room temperature, your body’s movement, and the current air pressure. Since the Somnofy works as a contactless smart sleep monitor, you don’t have to wear anything, and you’re also not required to place anything underneath your pillow. This smart sleep monitor also offers you a Guided Breathing Technique that can help you fall to asleep more effectively. There’s also a smart alarm that helps you to wake up every morning. When you wake up, its Smartphone Companion App includes all the information you need to learn about how well you slept and what factors impacted your sleep cycle. video:
    Razor Black Label Hovertrax
    With a UL certified rechargeable battery pack that provides up to 40 minutes of continuous fun, Razor’s Black Label Hovertrax meets the industry’s highest safety standards. For first-time riders, Razor’s EverBalance technology and optional training mode help you to learn at your own speed. Two 150-watt motors generate enough power for speeds of up to 9 mph (14.5 km/h), with a smooth ride for riders up to 175 pounds (80 kg). Multi-color LED lighted wheel hubs and front-facing light bars announce your arrival from down the block. Video: