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2023 500 Festival Queen Scholar Mykah Coleman

On All Indiana, Cody, and Alexis had the opportunity to interview the 2023 500 Festival Queen Scholar, Mykah Coleman.

Coleman discussed her experience at the race, the princess program, and what she hopes to do with her title to help serve her community.

As the conversation kicked off, Cody and Alexis couldn’t contain their curiosity about Coleman’s journey as the 500 Festival Queen Scholar. With an infectious smile, Coleman shared her exhilarating experiences at the renowned race. She described the electrifying atmosphere, the thunderous roar of engines, and the thrill that raced through her veins as she witnessed the breathtaking spectacle of the Indianapolis 500.

Eager to learn more, Cody and Alexis turned their attention to the princess program, an integral part of the 500 Festival that empowers young women and provides them with a platform to make a difference.

Coleman expressed her gratitude for being a part of this transformative initiative and highlighted the numerous opportunities it had afforded her.

She emphasized the importance of sisterhood and personal growth that the princess program fosters, enabling participants to develop leadership skills, enhance their self-confidence, and promote community engagement.

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