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Celebrate gardens, voting from home with Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)– The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site is hosting two events that people can participate in, even if they have to participate from their own homes.

The Harrison Garden Party, happening Tuesday through Friday, is a way for the community to celebrate the history and beauty of gardens all over the city of Indianapolis. The site even partnered with the University of Michigan to bring a display of historic peonies. According to Charlie Hyde, site president and CEO, the flower was popular in Indiana and favored by the Harrison family.

Hyde says even while the COVID-19 pandemic as a continuing concern, the garden party gives people a reminder to enjoy the little things.

“Really just to get people to stop and smell the flowers,” Hyde said. “That’s something that we can all appreciate.” It’s an event that typically happens on the grounds of the presidential site, but Hyde says they still want people to share in this experience.

You can also take your own pictures and photos of flowers near you and use the hashtag #HarrisonGardenParty on social media.

With public health concerns still on the table in Marion County because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the presidential site wanted to do its part to make the experience enjoyable for voters.

“We thought it would be a lot of fun to be able to do voting stickers curbside,” Hyde said.

The site’s branded “I Voted” stickers will be available for people to pick up or print at home. Pick-up is June 2 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the presidential site, 1230 N. Delaware St.

Hyde believes it’s a good way to encourage Hoosiers who want to proclaim their pride and demonstrate their support for voting.

“It’s especially important to us that people don’t lose that sense of history, the importance of civic duty,” Hyde added. “We want to just pitch in and contribute to positive community spirit.”

Here‘s how to find out more about Marion County’s 22 centralized voting locations.


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