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Indy catering company delivers free meals to health care workers as part of ‘Nameless for the Selfless’ cause

Indy catering company delivers free meals to health care workers as part of ‘Nameless for the Selfless’ cause

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A local catering company is continuing to feed people across central Indiana who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nameless Catering is also turning their focus to feeding another group: health care workers on the frontlines of the pandemic.

Jeremy and Jessica Brown are the husband and wife team behind Nameless Catering. The couple is making it their mission to help others during the public health crisis.

However, this new mission to feed the people fighting the virus everyday in our hospitals holds a special place in Jessica Brown’s heart. She was a nurse for 10 years and she spent six of those years working in the Intensive Care Unit.

“I was sitting there going ‘man I just feel so bad for my friends out there,’” she said.

She says she felt like she had to do something to help. So she came up with an idea that maybe a free meal might give health care workers some relief.

“We could sponsor some meals to the hospital for them,” she said. “In any little way that we can do something for them at least fill their bellies for a minute. They may not get a break but they can run in and grab a little bit of hot food and get right back out there.”

She said her husband Jeremy heard the idea and ran with it. They started delivering meals to hospitals for free.

“We have groups that we can bring meals to as small as 15 people and we have groups that are as big as 150 people in these hospitals,” Jeremy said.

It’s a priceless gesture to the people who are putting everything on the line. Jeremy says whenever they deliver these meals they’re met with grateful tears and happiness.

“It’s not just nurses either,” Jessica said.

They’ve reached out to all different kinds of units in the hospital including doctors, physical therapists, respiratory therapists and more.

The more word gets out, the more people in the community want to help the cause so they can serve more and more hospitals.

“It’s really blowing me away to have all these people trying to help us help them, it’s cool,” Jessica said.

The cause got so much attention the Browns decided to come up with a name for it. They call the cause “Nameless for the Selfless.”

“So far it’s at about a thousand which is cool and we’d like to see a whole lot more than that,” Jessica said.

She says even though she’s motivated to continue this mission, it still has it’s tough moments. One of those moments was when she went back to serve the people at her old job at St. Vincent Hospital.

“It’s a little emotional honestly,” she said. “We’re pulling up and I just I feel for my health care brothers and sisters in there.”

Jessica hopes every delivery they make sends the same message loud and clear.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

If you’d like to help sponsor a Nameless Catering free meal for a health care worker, click here.