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Anderson businesses cash in on Colts camp

ANDERSON, Ind. (WISH) — Colts fans are blitzing through Anderson for Colts camp and local businesses are cashing in on the visitors.

Multiple stores are decked out with blue and white, welcoming the fans and even the players to town.

All year at The Lemon Drop, Colts blue is all around the restaurant. But in early August, there are even more horseshoes than usual.

“I’m a diehard Colts fan anyway,” Betty Lollar from Edinburgh said as she waited for her food.

“We’re going to get down there and see those ball players,” her friend, Don McQueen, said.

The Lemon Drop is a spot where folks fill up before heading to camp.

Workers say they’re not just feeding fans. Last year, a few players came in.

“Andrew and three other guys,” waitress Kaley Woolard said.

When Luck left he took a Lemon Drop t-shirt with him, then he wore it during an interview with WISH-TV and ESPN.

“According to Luck, it’s supposed to be good,” Lollar said. “So we thought we’d try it. If he says it’s good, I’m sure it is.”

“Very good,” McQueen said after taking a bite of a burger. “He’s right.”

“Andrew is always right,” Lollar said.

They drove an hour and a half from Edinburgh, but employees say they’re selling burgers to people from all over.

“It seems like a lot more. We stay really busy,” Woolard said.

The Lemon Drop is just one local business showing blue.

Another is McIntyre Jewelry. Owner Judy McIntyre is hoping her horseshoe necklaces will be a hot seller this month.

“While we’re here, we try to take advantage of everything,” McIntyre said. “And we’re huge Colts fans, so we try to promote it.”

The folks at The Lemon Drop say they bleed blue, too. The question is: will number 12 come back for a burger this year?

So far, no such Luck.

“Not yet,” Woolard said. ‘We’re hoping that they show back up, though.”