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Bloomington mayor says doors are open to all who seek refuge ‘peacefully’

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WISH) –  Bloomington mayor John Hamilton said Wednesday that regardless of the executive orders on immigration issued by President Trump, the town is a place of openness, refuge and diversity.

“Our embrace of new residents from all over the world, our culture of celebrating diversity, our Hoosier hospitality, and our willingness to stand up for each other whenever injustice threatens, combine to make Bloomington a place where people choose to live,” said Hamilton.

The mayor condemns and opposes the recent executive orders that temporarily bans refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries. Trump’s executive order suspends all immigration from countries with terrorism concerns for 90 days. The ban also extends to citizens from those countries who hold U.S visas or green cards.

Hamilton said Bloomington protects the rights of all to worship, believe, speak, think and pursue their dreams as they choose- peacefully and respectfully.

“We do not fear differences. We nourish them, because we know that they are the path to a stronger future together,” said Hamilton.

Despite the temporary ban, 872 refugees will be allowed in the U.S. this week. Kevin McAleenan, the acting head of Customs and Border Protection said Tuesday that stopping the refugees that were already traveling would cause “undue hardship”.

“On behalf of all of us here, I want to say unequivocally that our doors are open to those who peacefully seek refuge or a chance for a better life,” said Hamilton.

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