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Bones found during Kallenberger search gives family false hope

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – A search for a missing Lafayette man was postponed when friends and family discovered what they believed to be human bones.

“He’s somebody’s dad,” said Kallenberger’s stepbrother, Brad Scott. “He’s somebody’s son. He’s somebody’s brother. He has a family that loves him.”

Friends and family of Lafayette resident David Kallenberger have been searching for answers since he went missing in March. After many tips on where he could be, they searched parts of Tippecanoe County Sunday.

Scott said he has felt empty ever since he heard the news.

“Last time I’ve seen my brother was two years ago at my wedding,” said Scott. “We were given several different locations by a psychic, and we’re just trying to bring my brother home and give him what he deserves.”

The search party met in Battle Ground Sunday afternoon. Some of the group had never met him, like volunteer Tanya Myers.

“The family needs to be able to put him to rest and be able to move on,” said Myers.

The search started at a one-lane bridge in Battle Ground and ended at the Amphitheater.

About an hour into the search, something was found while digging in a wooded area.

“I saw rib bones, I saw leg bones, something that appeared to be a pelvis bone,” Myers said.

“I just hope it’s not my brother, I do and I don’t,” said Scott.

Deputies from the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office soon arrived, followed by the Indiana State Police. The family had already called ISP earlier to prepare them.

The search party watched as ISP checked out the bones in the wooded area. After hours went by, First Sergeant Jerry Holeman of the ISP’s Lafayette Post talked to the group.

“We came out, took photos of the bones that were found, had two pathologists look at them, and they determined that they were not human remains,” said Holeman.

He said the bones are possibly from a deer. Even though the family did not find David Kallenberger, they say will continue looking until they get closure.

“I really appreciate everybody’s help,” said Scott. “I definitely can’t do it by myself, nobody can.”