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Brothers face off at AFC Championship game

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – When the Colts visit the Patriots Sunday, the Jones brothers will be there to represent.

Older brother Art starts at defensive tackle for Indianapolis, while younger brother Chandler starts at defensive end with the Patriots.

“He’s a good player, and I’ve been a fan of him since he started playing football,” said Chandler. “He’s the reason why I started playing football. I followed him in the sport, and we’ve both made it this far.”

Art says it’s the third meeting between the two.

“The first time I couldn’t fully focus because I was thinking about Chandler and how he was doing out there,” said the former Raven run-stopper. “It’s different now, it’s not about us, it’s about the Colts and the Patriots.”

“Growing up, it was very fun with us three: me, Art and Jon, now a UFC champion,” says Chandler. “But my brother Arthur would always look after us. He was the older brother figure. Playing against him Sunday will be fun, but I won’t speak to him until after the game.”

Mom and dad Jones will drive down from Binghamton, New York Sunday afternoon to attend the game where both boys say ‘root for the defenses.’