Thursday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Thursday’s business headlines.

Health care

The average cost of employer health coverage for a family plan passed $22,000 this year.

The Kaiser Family Foundation says the pandemic did lead to some changes for workplace health benefits, including enhanced access to telemedicine and mental health services.

Employees paid $5,969 of the total this year, with the rest of the cost borne by the employers.

An individual health care plan was $7,700.

American Airlines

American Airlines is offering bonus pay throughout the airlines and its subsidiaries for holiday trips to avoid mass cancellations.

Flight attendants could get triple pay.

But the pilots are rejecting the bonus pay, saying they want something more permanent.


Uber has been sued by the Biden administration over the waiting fees it charges to disabled passengers.

Wait fees are meant to compensate drivers who are picking up passengers who aren’t ready but have also been passed onto disabled people who need more time to get into and out of cars.

Attempts to get refunds were not successful, the lawsuit says.

Uber said it recently updated its app to automatically waive fees for any rider who certifies they are disabled.

Military veterans

An increasing number of service members, veterans and military spouses are being targeted by phone scammers.

The fraudsters use fear tactics like foreclosure.

In 2020, military retirees and veterans lost $66 million to scammers, according to the FTC.