Wednesday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Wednesday’s business headlines.

Generation Z

Millennials and Gen Z are spending more than they did pre-pandemic, according to American Express CEO.

They’re also going back to work.

Millennials and Gen Z were spending 125% of their pre-pandemic levels.

Meanwhile, the teenage cohort of Gen Z is leading the job market recovery. Employment is booming among the teenagers, as the the last two jobs reports showed.


According to the FTC, MoviePass did everything it could to get people to stop seeing movies.

The FTC revealed the elaborate obstacles that MoviePass executives made the most active users overcome, including forcing them to reset their passwords and setting unannounced limits on their accounts.


Some prescription medicines are getting cheaper.

Effective immediately, any WalMart+ member will receive discounts up to 85% off for select medications or, in some cases, entirely free as part of the members-only prescription savings program Walmart+ Rx for Less.

Amazon is offering 6-month prescriptions starting at $6 for medications for common ailments, the company’s latest effort to entice more people to buy drugs online rather than at a pharmacy or supermarket.


Starbucks will let customers bring their own mugs to cafes again starting on June 22.

Before the pandemic, the coffee chain encouraged customers to bring their own reusable mugs to stores. But in March of 2020, Starbucks suspended the program because of the coronavirus. Starbucks has been gradually bringing it back.

Employees will only accept clean mugs and they won’t touch them. Instead, a customer will place their own cup into a large ceramic mug. The barista will hold the ceramic mug’s handle rather than the cup when preparing the drink. Once the beverage is ready, the customer will pick up their cup from within the mug.


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