Wednesday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Wednesday’s business headlines.

Looting insurance

Not all businesses looted this week will be covered by insurance.

It’s often up to the individual business owners to decide how much insurance they want to buy to cover their inventory and equipment in case of theft, fire and other scenarios.

Businesses that purchase property coverage, it usually includes losses from civil disturbances.

Since not all landlords require businesses to etheir inventory and equipment against loss, some local owners will end up having to cover all of the losses and repair costs on their own.

Amazon protest items

Pepper spray and Black Lives Matter shirts have now become Amazon best sellers.

A pocket-sized bottle of pepper spray with a keychain attachment was the top-selling item in Amazon’s “sports & outdoors” section as of early Tuesday afternoon, suggesting increased demand for self-defense gear as some protests turned violent.

Black Lives Matter-related shirts, for instance, accounted for seven of Amazon’s top 15 novelty clothing items.


Sports betting site DraftKings might be one of the clearest bets on America – and the world’s return to normalcy following the coronavirus pandemic.

The stock has soared lately even as sports are sidelined as investors bet the company will do well when sports return.

Farmers & COVID-19

Farmer sentiment improved slightly in May after falling sharply in both March and April, according to the Purdue University/CME Group AG economy barometer.

In May, farmers were somewhat more inclined to think now is a good time to make large investments in their farming operations.

Over 60% said they expect farmer’s equity positions to decline over the next year.