Church holds IMPD roll call to show appreciation

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Friday, a local church is working to honor IMPD officers and say “thank you” for all they do. The Fathers House, on the southeast side, will hold roll call for officers at the church.

The first shift of officers will arrive at the church around 5:30 a.m. and the last shift will start at 10 p.m. The officers will start their day with a free meal and a “thank you” from community members.

IMPD has held several roll calls in neighborhoods before, saying it gives officers a chance to meet the people they’re working to protect. The church is expecting 250-300 officers to show up Friday.

Father’s House teams up with local businesses to provide the meals and a gift, before the officers head back out on the street. This is the 7th year they’ve held the event. The Father’s House also worked to help provide trauma kits for IMPD officers just a few years ago.

Organizers say it’s important to for the community to show it appreciates police officers.

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IMPD recently got another surprise show of support when someone left a thank you note on an officer’s car. IMPD tweeted a photo of the note Thursday night. It happened while the officer was inside Target. He came out to find this sticky note on his side mirror, saying “Thank you! You Rock!”

Officers have long talked about how the community’s support is vital. Officers say it helps them do their jobs, when they know the community they’re serving is working along side them.