Biotech companies join forces, will provide millions of potential COVID-19 vaccinations to the U.S.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – German biotech firm, BioNTech, and U.S-based Pfizer struck a deal on Wednesday with the federal government to provide 100 million doses of their experimental COVID-19 vaccine candidate to the United States.

“Through Operation Warp Speed, we are assembling a portfolio of vaccines to increase the odds that the American people will have at least one safe, effective vaccine as soon as the end of this year,” HHS Secretary, Alex Azar, said in a statement. “Depending on success in clinical trials, today’s agreement will enable the delivery of approximately 100 million doses of the vaccine being developed by Pfizer and BioNTech.” 

The $1.95 million agreement also states the companies will provide another 500 million doses if proven safe and effective in larger, Phase 3 clinicals. 

Coronavirus hotspots and individuals at greatest risk of infection will be the first to receive the vaccine first followed by the general public. 

The vaccine will be available at no charge.