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Indiana dashboard adds 45 COVID deaths, 5,423 more cases of coronavirus in 2 weeks

Survey: 1 in 4 adults to get COVID-19 vaccine

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Indiana Department of Health on Wednesday released new COVID-19 data on the state’s coronavirus dashboard.

The data was collected through Tuesday, Sept. 26. The state’s dashboard is updated weekly on Wednesdays.

Indiana’s COVID-19 death toll rose to 25,465 on Tuesday from 25,420 on Sept. 12. That’s an increase of 45.

The amount of probable deaths increased to 1,271 on Tuesday from 1,252 on Sept. 12. That’s an increase of 19.

The total of COVID-19 positive cases in Indiana rose to 2,110,709 on Tuesday from 2,105,286 on Sept. 12. That’s an increase of 5,423.

The state recorded a seven-day average of 42 hospital admissions and 289 emergency room visits on Tuesday. That’s down from the Sept. 12 figures of 47 hospital admissions and 329 emergency room visits.

IDOH says 3,866,046 Hoosiers had completed the primary vaccination series through Tuesday. That’s about 55.4% of the total population.

A total of 989,394 Hoosiers were up to date on vaccinations through Tuesday.

More Indiana information, including interactive graphs, can be found online.