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Indianapolis woman says she watched her friend die after being shot by security guard

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Liberty Carnell spent the final moments of her best friend Taysia’s life with her in her car at an apartment complex near 42nd Street and Brentwood on the far northeast side.

Carnell said a man who looked like a security guard approached the two, shined a light inside and fired shots several times.

“He never said put your hands up or anything like that, he just started shooting inside the car. I watched that man murder my friend,” said Carnell as she cried.

Carnell said there were also two other people with the shooter who kept her from helping Taysia after she was shot.

“I had a woman behind me with a gun pointed to me and a woman in front of me with a gun pointed to me. When anyone would come to try and help, he would point his gun at them,” said Carnell.

It didn’t take long for neighbors to react by setting a car on fire. They believed it belonged to the security guard that police said was involved in the shooting.

No one has been arrested, but police said the security guard was detained.

Darrah Lewis said she was with her cousin Taysia the day she was born, and she was with her just hours before she died.

“She didn’t get to create a life of her own before it was taken from her, and everyone is focusing on the wrong thing,” cried Lewis.

She tells News 8 that death in her community happens far too often.

“I’ve lost eight people I grew up with, and nobody talks about them anymore, and it’s not their fault; it just happens so frequently,” she said.

Lewis doesn’t want that to be the case for her cousin.

“Don’t let her die for nothing; just please don’t let her die for nothing,” she said as she cried.

Police said they are aware of a seven-minute video that was streamed live on Facebook and shows the aftermath of the shooting. They are still looking for additional video that may have picked up more.

It is unclear whether the security guard was wearing a recording device.


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