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Police: Greendale officers face multiple charges after they misused property

Clinton Putnam (left), Dustin Hatfield (center) and Bradley Putnam (right) are accused of misusing department property and destroying an SD card. Clinton Putnam and Hatfield are Greendale police officers. Bradley Putnam is Clinton Putnam's brother. (Provided Photo/Indiana State Police)

GREENDALE, Ind. (WISH) — Two Greendale police officers are facing charges of official misconduct and obstruction of justice after the pair allegedly used a department vehicle inappropriately, according to Indiana State Police.

Greendale is located about 25 miles west of Cincinnati.

Authorities say officers Clinton Putnam, 34, and Dustin Hatfield, 32, used Putnam’s department vehicle inappropriately while two non-department members rode along. The incident happened Dec. 26, 2019. Police say Putnam, Hatfield and Putman’s brother, 37-year-old Bradley Putnam, destroyed an SD card that contained footage of the incident. The footage was captured with the camera in Putnam’s police vehicle.

The officers turned in a different SD card to the department when they were asked about the incident.

All three men now face obstruction of justice charges. The two officers also face official misconduct charges.

Police say the three men are in custody at the Dearborn County Jail.