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Dead dogs dumped in Jennings County were shot, beaten

ZENAS, Ind. (AP/WISH) — Authorities say that about a dozen dead dogs found dumped in a wooded area northeastern Jennings County were shot or beaten to death.

The dogs were found near a roadway by a motorist driving in the county on Feb. 28. The sheriff’s office said the dogs were found on Country Road 740 East just south of Country Road 1000 North. That’s about 12 miles northeast of the county seat of Vernon. 

Investigators believe the dogs were likely dumped from a vehicle last month. They determined that most were shot with an air rifle and two puppies were fatally beaten.

Jennings County Animal Control officials met with sheriff’s department detectives last week about the dogs. Investigators say they were told the dead dogs weren’t there the previous day. The sheriff’s office said the dogs were described as a brindle and white pit bull, a beagle mix that had recently given birth, a brown boxer, seven puppies that were from 4-5 months old, and two puppies that were from 1-2 weeks old. 

One of the puppies was found hanging from a tree and investigators says that’s because it was likely tossed into the woods.

Anyone with information about the dogs is asked to call the Jennings County Sheriff’s Office tip line at (812) 346-0342 or Jennings County Central Dispatch at (812) 346-4911.