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Gift cards: Friend or foe?

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Global supply chain issues are not stopping people from spending money.

That’s indicated by new numbers from the National Retail Federation.

The organization is projecting fourth-quarter sales to grow between 8.5 and 10.5% this year.

Nelson Spade, the general manager of Circulus Digital media, was on Daybreak Thursday.

He talked about some workaround consumers are finding during the holiday shopping season.

For instance, he pointed out that in-store shopping is expected to rise, given that more stores are open this season.

Also, he suggests shopping now in order to avoid headaches or any other problems that may arise by putting off that shopping until later.

Additionally, he shared what businesses can do to protect against the supply chain issues during the holiday shopping season.

He suggested businesses hedge their bets against the product, supply chain and staffing issues. For new customers, mentioned product sampling as this plays into easy distribution for the purchaser.

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