Evangelist from Target video berates students at school, calls them future wife-beaters

SCOTIA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The evangelist who entered the Target store in Glens Falls last week to yell about transgender bathrooms has moved on to different borders. According to a video posted on YouTube, she stood outside the Scotia-Glenville High School preaching about her beliefs on Monday.

The video starts with her asking the young students who are boarding their buses, “How many of you are angels or demons out here?”

She continues her speech, saying the students at the school watch too much MTV and listen to too much gangster music – ultimately living for the devil. She also claims the students smoke too much pot, drink too much alcohol and abuse too many drugs.

Most of the students in the video appear to ignore her assertions.

In the video, a school employee approaches her and politely asks her what she’s doing. She responds back, yelling “I AM PRACTICING FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I AM ALLOWED TO BE ON AMERICAN SIDEWALKS.”

The staffer responds and says, “But you are on school property.”

The evangelist moves across the street and one student asks her, “What are you trying to say?”

She responds, “I’m trying to reach you kids on how to get to heaven. Jesus Christ is the only way.”

When the student starts to walk away, the evangelist says “God calls you a fool according to the Bible.” Then says, “You guys are violent, Woo! Violent! Wife-beaters…FUTURE wife-beaters!”

Then police ask her to move once again, explaining where she can find some public property. She walks a couple feet further and then tells a neighbor their American Flag should be turned upside down because President Obama has legalized gay marriage.

Her speech ends across the street where she is mainly ignored by anyone left around her. The cops approach her once more, saying they found her car at the pizza place which is private property, and that she has two minutes to move it.

She and one of the police officers have a friendly conversation as she’s being escorted to her car. She tells him she preached at a church in Canajohaire the night prior. She claims she’s been to 41 countries and has never had a school official treat her like that.