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Firefighters finish mowing lawn after 17-year-old injured

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Ki Ayalew has mowed many times before, but experience didn’t stop an accident from happening on Sunday.

The 17-year-old Northrop Junior reached down to get some stuck grass out of the mower, when his right hand was hit by the blade. He lost one of his fingers, and seriously injured two more fingers. He is now recovering after surgery, but he said he’ll need to adjust to using his left, nondonimant hand from now on.

His doctor’s said that these accidents happen more often than we’d think. They see at least 3 or 4 people for mowing injuries every year. Ki wants his accident to serve as a lesson for others to be careful.

“It could happen to anyone so I would like for everyone to be aware of this.” Ayalew said.

Ki lives across the street from Fire Station 15. When the accident happened his sister ran over to the fire station for help. They went to work right away and helped Ki while they waited for an ambluance. Ki’s stepmom is thankful they live across the street from these firemen. 

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The men didn’t stop with that. After Ki was in the ambulance, they went to work with mowing the rest of the lawn, and using the weed eater.

“I kept saying I have to do something nice for you guys, and they were like, “Nope this is our job, this is our duty, we don’t do it for any kind of recognition.'” Tina Menkir said.

The firefighters left a note on the lawn mower, reminding Ki to be sure to read the sign that warns “No hands or feet” on the mower.