‘Gr8 Comeback’: Learn Brazilian martial arts from an expert in Westfield

WESTFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — A martial arts class that gives athletes the chance to learn Brazilian-style fighting can be found in Westfield. It’s a fighting style that resembles dancing. Founder of Capoeira Brasil Indianapolis, Harly Materan, shares lessons on how Capoeira came to be with his students.

“It’s a little bit of both,” Materan said when asked about the dancing and fighting comparisons. “Capoeira is a very unique martial art.”

However, Materan says you can’t let the rhythm and fun pace of the style fool you.

“It’s a very dangerous martial art,” he said.

He says it also originated from a serious cause.

“Slaves back in Brazil, they created these as a myth of freedom and they wanted to mask these as a dance so the oppressors at that time didn’t know they were creating these weapons to free themselves,” Materan said.

Now he teaches people the style every Wednesday, hoping they will use the skills to get in better shape. Materan also hosts a podcast so people can learn about the history of the fighting dance. Click here to learn more about Capoeira Brasil Indianapolis and how you can register for classes.


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