Haunted Indiana: The Kile Oak Tree in Irvington

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WISH) — To see is to believe or so the saying goes.

“A lot of people just see trees as trees but this is something special,” paranormal investigator Tim Poynter said about The Kile Oak tree located on Beechwood Avenue in Irvington.

At places like The Kile Oak tree, it can be all about what you allow yourself to see.

“If you do take the time to just start paying attention more, it’s amazing how much more you really see,” said paranormal investigator Steve Hunt.

And believe as Poynter and Hunter say.

“There’s a lot of fairies and other types of energies and a lot of people hear you say fairies and stuff like that and they kind of turn it off because they all think these things are all pretend,” said Poynter.

Hunt and Poynter say when they have gone to visit the 300-400 year old tree, they have seen and felt something.

“A lot of fairies. I’ve gotten some pictures of those,” said Poynter.

“I just feel like there’s a presence. Like there’s somebody, there’s somebody else here,” said Hunt.

“Really it’s all about paying attention. We as people don’t really pay attention to what’s going on around us. We tend to go on cruise control and cruise through the day. If you stop and kind of smell the roses, feel and see the elementals, then they make themselves known,” Poynter added.

Sometimes what you choose to see and believe is up to you.


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