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How to choose the right denim for your body type

How to choose the right denim for your body type

Finding the perfect denim for your body type can be such a daunting task!

So Stylist Raemia Higgins has taken the guess work out for you. Follow the below tips to find the denim that works best for YOUR body type!

How to choose the right denim for your body type

Identify your body type
The first step in finding the perfect denim for your body type is to identify your body type.
There are three categories that you can use as a guide to find your body type. Now, this is simply a guide because everyone’s body is completely different:

Ectomorph: longer torso, lean, narrow waist
Endomorph: curvier shape
Mesomorph: more athletic body type

Different Denim for all body types:
Ultra Skinny– This style is perfect for those taller girls. This denim is a stretchy/breathable fit that doesn’t feel like a chore to wear. Style Tip: opt for denim that has a mid-rise fit. Also, don’t be afraid to wear ankle cropped denim because you’re tall.
High Waist/Cropped Denim– For those of us who want to cover our problem areas, a high-rise  silhouette is the denim for you. Style tip: High waist/stretchy denim covers and smoothes those imperfections.  Stay away from low rise denim! Wearing cropped denim that hits right at or below the ankle elongates your legs.

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How to choose the right denim for your body type

Ex-Boyfriend jeans– These are the jeans everyone needs to own in their closet because of their versatility. Opposed to the traditional boyfriend jean, this style has a more fitted/relaxed fit. Style tip: For those girls who are more petite, opt for more low-rise fitting boyfriend jean to appear longer/taller.
Le High Flared Jeans– Flared jeans are back and in a huge way. We’ve seen the 70’s trend pop up in the fall, now we’re taking it into Spring. Style Tip: going for a mid-rise/high-rise silhouette in a darker wash has a slimming effect. Also, try pairing two different washes of denim together to create dimension. There’s always an option to add a pop of color with a jacket. If you want your backside to appear larger, look for denim with bigger pockets on the back.

How to choose the right denim for your body type

Denim Care Tips: (as told by Raemia)
–         No denim is the same. With that being said, wash like washes together and make sure they are being washed inside out.
–         A long time ago, I was told to only wash your denim every 4-5 wears. That rule has saved me a lot of money on denim. If you get a stain, simply rinse with cold water, a little bit of vinegar (I promise the smell will go away) and wash it out. Washing them too often makes the color fade faster.
–         NEVER put them in the dryer: the heat destroys the elasticity of the jean and they will never be the same. If you throw them in the dryer, you might as well throw them away. Always air dry your denim!

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