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How to make festival-worthy street corn

How to make festival-worthy street corn

Love the festival flavor of sweet corn and wish you could replicate it at home?

Ed Holloran and Steve Koers, Saint Simon Festival, show us how to prepare their famous Grilled Corn on the Cob and Mexican-style Elote!

How to make festival-worthy street corn

What: The Saint Simon Festival is the city’s largest Catholic parish festival, seeing nearly 20,000 people through the gates over the 3-day weekend. Located on Indy’s northeast side in the Geist area, the festival features:
•    Carnival rides
•    Knocker ball 
•    Kids Zone
•    Live music every night
•    Festival food – elephant ears, wings, tenderloins, lemon shake-ups
When: May 30, 31, and June 1, 2019
Where: Saint Simon Catholic Church, 8155 Oaklandon Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46236 (Indy’s northeast side) 
Cost: $10 in food/beverage tickets gets you family admission 

Roast Corn (Hoosier Missiles)
-Shuck “most” of the outside green husk layers off an ear of sweet corn.  Start by twisting the top off and pulling as much of the silk off.  Then, at the top, peel down most of the green husk layers covering the kernels of corn – leaving a thin layer covering the kernels.  Submerge in salt water for up to 24 hours (min 30 minutes). 
-Place corn on charcoal grilling surface under direct heat. 
-Rotate liberally with 1/4 turns of each ear. 
-Corn is done when all green is gone from outer husks.  Some charring of both husks and light-charring of a few kernels is fine.  Roughly 20 minutes under direct heat being rotated. 
-Use the cob stalk as a natural handle, peel down the remaining husk layers to reveal roasted, delicious kernels. 
-Dip in melted butter, swirl, drain a bit, and serve!

How to make festival-worthy street corn

Ed’s Elote (Mexican Street Corn)
-Follow directions for Hoosier Missiles (roasted corn-the-cob).
-Go lighter on the melted butter.
-Slather on liberal coating of authentic Mexican crema with a grill brush (sour cream and/or mayonnaise are an acceptable but not preferred substitute if crema is not available).
-Sprinkle-coat entire slathered kernels with authentic Mexican cotija cheese (similar to parmesan but do not substitute).
-Lightly sprinkle coated kernels with Chile Powder and/or Cayenne Pepper spices (I use a 2/3 Chile Powder / 1/3 Cayenne Pepper blend).
-Squeeze fresh lime over coated kernels.
-Serve (and be prepared for your guests to want more!).

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