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Man shot by police files federal lawsuit to seek changes at IMPD, compensation

Federal lawsuit filed against IMPD

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Anthony Maclin’s lawyer says he has racked up close to a million dollars in medical bills, lost his ability to earn a living, and lives in fear of the police.

A lawsuit announced Monday seeks compensation plus a change in how Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department does business.

During the announcement, Maclin describe when he was shot by IMPD officers after falling asleep in a car outside his grandmother’s home.

“Seconds later after hearing knocking, I hear something louder than that and uh I knew those, I knew it wasn’t rain it wasn’t hail, when I get out of the car and see police and uh, I know oh I have been shot” said Maclin 

The lawsuit names the three officers who shot at Maclin — Lucas Riley, Alexander Gregory and Carl Chandler — plus IMPD Chief Randal Taylor and the Indianapolis government.

Maclin says he wants everyone involved to pay for the 32 rounds fired at him. Three of those bullets hit him; two remain in his body.  

“I still have bullets in my body that, again, one that could cause me to be paralyzed at any moment and that is not something you can just move freely with like you once did.”

Toward the end of the news conference, Maclin had few words for the men who shot him. “You guys do not know what I have been through, which you guys put me through that day, and you know you guys did something that wasn’t right.”

IMPD officers Chandler and Gregory on Monday appeared in court after being indicted for battery last week by a Marion County grand jury. Both entered not guilty pleas. 

Their supervisor, Riley, who isn’t charged criminally, was the third officer who shot at Maclin and posted their bail.


“These officers acted in accordance with their training to defend their lives when a subject grabbed a gun and raised it toward them. Video, testimonial, and other evidence will establish the legality of their actions.”  

Attorney John Kautzman

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