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Rolling along with the Circle City Roller Derby

Rolling along with Circle City Roller Derby

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Circle City Roller Derby rolled into the WISH-TV studio on Tuesday to discuss upcoming ’bouts’ and the sport.

Three roller derby athletes who go by the names, Diamond, Goldie Brawn and Saratonin joined anchor Hannah Mordoh on Daybreak.

According to, choosing a roller derby name is a personal and creative process. It is an opportunity to create a alter ego that will stand out on the track. The names are often puns to go along with the aggressive skating game.

“In roller derby, there is a jammer fielded for each team, and that jammer scores points by passing the opposing blockers. So we all travel around an oval track,’ Goldie Brawn said when describing the sport.

Jammers are expected to get through as many blockers on the track as possible.

“We are usually all blockers,” Saratonin said. “So, you’re going to see a lot of offense and defense happening at the same time with the jammer who wears a star in their head trying to pass through the track.” 

Circle City Roller Derby welcomes people of all talents and abilities. Some of the players started with skating classes and others were inspired by a specific roller derby movie.

“There was a very popular movie, ‘Whip It,’ that all of the derby community probably started out watching or seeing it. So, after watching it, it’s like, ‘I want to play roller derby’ and I’ve always skated in the roller-skating rink. So – derby touched me because you can be a little aggressive with it,” Diamond added.

Roller Derby matches are called bouts. The team has bouts coming up this summer on June 22 and July 20 at the Perry Park Rink on the south side of Indianapolis.

Next month’s bout will take place against Vette City.

“So, this is going to be a really interesting match-up. We have been undefeated this year and we’ve been undefeated for the last nine games. We lost to Vette City last year by only five points. So, this is sort of the rematch to sort of reclaim our valor,” Saratonin said.

You can buy tickets to the bout on the group’s Facebook page or website and meet the team here.

(WISH-TV Photo – [left to right] Saratonin, Hanna Mordoh, Diamond, and Goldie Brawn.)