IMPD donates unclaimed bikes to Freewheelin’

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – 50 bikes were donated Tuesday to program that helps children in Indianapolis.

Freewheelin’ is an Indianapolis youth development organization. According to the release, they help “engage area children in activities that teach life skills, good health habits and leadership.”

IMPD chief Troy Riggs said the donated bikes have been sitting unclaimed in the IMPD property room for over a year.

Usually, abandoned bikes that haven’t been claimed are scrapped, but now, Freewheelin’ can use them in their retail store and Earn-a-Bike program.

Freewheelin’ executive director, Holly Titus, said the bikes will benefit local kids.

The Earn-a-Bike program matches children ages 10 to 18 with a mentor to learn about how bikes work. They focus on mechanic skills as well as pertinent life skills. When they complete the program, they receive a reconditioned bike, lock and helmet.

“They come in and they can do a seven week program where they learn basic chain maintenance and how to change a tire and basic safety skills and at the end of the seven weeks, they earn the bike that they’ve been working on,” Holly Titus said.

Mayor Joe Hogsett along with Chief Riggs presented the bikes to the organization on Tuesday morning.

“We have kids that come in that don’t have a bike. I don’t know if you can imagine not having a bike,” Titus said. “Or their bikes got stolen or they just wanna learn some new skills.”

For more information about Freewheelin’ click here.