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Indiana BMV puts self-service kiosks inside select Kroger stores

Indiana BMV puts self-service kiosks inside select Kroger stores

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The next time you walk into a grocery store, you might see something new: an Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles self-service kiosk.

Now, along with your milk and eggs at some Indiana Kroger stores, you can print out your car’s registration sticker or renew your license.

“I think it’s a good idea, because I don’t like going to the license branch,” Indianapolis resident Hollis Smith said Tuesday.

You can do more than 10 routine BMV transactions at the kiosks.

You’ll find them inside three Kroger stores in the Indianapolis area, plus two more in northern Indiana.

It’s part of the BMV’s Connect concept.

“I think the biggest point of the machine is we really want to allow our customers to do business with us the way that they want to. I think that’s really important,” Kevin Garvey, the BMV’s chief operating officer, explained Tuesday.

Using the machine requires a driver’s license.

“You scan the back of your driver’s license,” Garvey explained. “From there, it’s really just driving the screen by touching it. You can renew your registration, you can do a duplicate title. You can actually print an official driving record off of the machine. You can pay your reinstatement fees.”

Shopper Anthony Young said he would use the machine inside the Kroger on 10th Street at Shadeland Avenue, about 20 minutes from the closest BMV license branch.

“Honestly, I think that’d be really helpful to a lot of people,” Young said. “Some people don’t have a lot of time to go to the license branch to get whatever they need. Just to have one right here like that? That’s gonna win with a lot of people.”

The BMV said its employees will not lose any jobs because of these kiosks. The kiosks’ costs are covered, too.

“We actually pay for the machines through a per-card charge,” Garvey said. “The card that prints out, the registration card. We pay a per-card charge for that. The cost of the maintenance, the cost of the physical machine, all of that is in there. So, there’s no additional cost to the customer.”

If you’d like to find one of the kiosks for yourself, click here for an interactive map.

Garvey the BMV would love to expand the program, but that will depend on user response. The machines include customer satisfaction surveys.