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Indiana woman to run 1,500 miles to raise cancer awareness

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — An Evansville woman is lacing up her sneakers, preparing to run down the east coast of the United States.

“It’s a little over 1,500 miles,” said runner Pam Wrucke.

Just by looking at the back of Wrucke’s Jeep, you will see stickers that show she has reached some major milestones.

“In the past six years, I have completed a little over 25 half-marathons, two full marathons and also a Tough Mudder” said Wrucke.

Next week Wrucke will be leaving for her next milestone. She will join 19 other people who will run 1,500 miles from Baltimore, Maryland, to Key West, Florida.

“We’ll each run anywhere from 8 to 13 to 15 miles per day in eight days” said Wrucke.

The team will be running every mile for someone affected by cancer.

“A good friend of mine, Christy Jones, that went to our church, who has since passed on,” is one person they’ll honor in their run.

Each runner has raised $4,500 to support the Ulman Cancer Fund, a charity that provides support services for young adults with cancer.

“I sold lots of salsa, had a bake sale, made some pepper jelly,” Wrucke said.

Wrucke’s donations will help cancer patients throughout the country, but she is also working to bring something special to the Evansville area: a cancer-to-5K program to help get cancer survivors and patients back on their feet.

“It’s a 10-week program that we will get volunteers to walk or run with you and then at the end of that 10 weeks, we will host a 5K to celebrate your successes,” said Wrucke.

If you would like to support her journey, you can donate here.