Indy church hosts drive-thru communion amid coronavirus threat

Indy church hosts drive-through communion amid coronavirus threat 7:00

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — In the last week many places of worship have closed their doors, turning to online Sunday services in an effort to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

East 91st Street Christian Church on the city’s north side is one of them. Pastor David Faust says that after last week’s online worship service, church leaders wanted to provide their members with even more connection.

“Loneliness is a big problem all the time, but right now people are feeling so cut off and isolated from their communities,” said Faust. “This is a way for us to connect with people and for them to feel more normal. For those who love the lord, we want to help them connect with God.”

The idea behind the drive-thru communion was born and within days, church leaders and volunteers were ready and willing to help set up distribution services and signs.

People were able to drive right up to the main entrance Saturday morning, roll down their window a few inches, and be presented with a take-home communion kit for use on Sunday.

“We’re going to try it and we’re going to see how it goes,” Faust added.

Indy church hosts drive-through communion amid coronavirus threat 9:00

The kit itself is similar in size to a mini coffee creamer, but has the communion elements of bread, wine, and a message of faith written on top.

“We thought these kits are also sanitary because we respect social distancing and all of that. But at the same time, we can allow people to bring prayer into their homes. Prayer isn’t canceled,” said Faust.

The church also produced a series of prayer and music videos that will be available online on their website and Vimeo. Pastor Faust says these videos are an additional resource for people of all faiths who want to grow closer to God and their families during the coronavirus crisis.

“We are thankful for technology. We are using social media, we are using streaming. These kits are a way to celebrate communion, which for many people, is a highlight of going to church,” Faust added.

The church will be holding another drive-thru communion March 28.