IndyGo Red Line bus hits train trestle, catches fire on near southeast side

An IndyGo Red Line bus hit a train trestle on May 30, 2020, a catching fire to the battery on its roof and damaging the trestle. (WISH Photo/Kate Kelty)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An IndyGo Red Line bus that was detoured because of closed streets during downtown protests hit a train trestle on Saturday afternoon, losing part of its top and catching fire.

IndyGo confirmed the battery of the bus caught fire and was quickly put out. The passengers and operator were not injured and a second bus was being sent to the area to pick them up.

Police at the scene confirmed the bus hit and damaged the train trestle, located at East Pleasant Run Parkway South Drive and Beecher Street.

IndyGo said they use both “planned” and “real-time” detour routes, and the transportation organization was looking into what happened Saturday.

IndyGo also provided additional information on the detours, which were announced at 3:40 p.m. and expected to continue until further notice. The transit center was also closed.