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Italpollina unveils new company name

ANDERSON, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) — An Italy-based agbiosciences company with a major presence in Madison County has a new name. Italpollina, which has its North American headquarters in Anderson and produces organic fertilizers and biostimulants for the agriculture industry, will now be known as Hello Nature.

The name stems from the tagline created during its rebranding process in 2017. The company says the Italpollina name will continue to be used for its classic poultry manure fertilizer product.

Luca Bonini, chief executive officer of Hello Nature, says the announcement comes as the company marks its 50th anniversary.

“We have made a radical evolution from the fertilizer sector to becoming a world leader in the production of biostimulants, and ‘Italpollina’ no longer represents the complexity of our activity,” Bonini said in a news release. “This name change also strengthens our support of global strategies in place to improve food security. HELLO NATURE says it all. It communicates who we are and what we stand for, and it represents our leadership of sustainable inputs in agriculture.”

The company says the full transition to the new name will roll out worldwide throughout the year.

Hello Nature opened its $9 million North American headquarters in Anderson in 2018. When the project was first announced, the company said it would create 35 jobs.


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