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New Heritage company targets battery recycling

INDIANAPOLIS (Inside INdiana Business) — Indianapolis-based The Heritage Group and its subsidiary, Heritage Environmental Services Inc., have launched a division aimed at improving battery recycling in the U.S. The company says Heritage Battery Recycling will address a “growing market demand for safe, sustainable solutions for lithium-ion batters near or at end-of-life.”

As part of the effort, Heritage says HBR will collaborate with California-based Romeo Power Inc. (NYSE: RMO) develop a battery reuse and recycling facility in the southwestern portion of the country. A specific location was not named.

“By working directly with Romeo Power, we have a unique opportunity to provide a safe, environmentally sound end-of-life strategy for commercial truck manufacturers, commercial fleet managers and conscientious business owners who are investing in clean energy today,” Jeff Laborsky, chief executive officer of Heritage Environmental Services, said in a news release.

Romeo Power manufactures battery systems for a variety of electric vehicles, including buses, tractors and commercial trucks. CEO Lionel Selwood Jr. says the partnership will support its customers’ long-term needs as more transition to electrification and will require a way to repurpose used batteries.

HBR is also partnering with Heritage-Crystal Clean Inc. (Nasdaq: HCCI) to assist with the transportation and logistics surrounding battery collection across the country. 

Heritage has also named Shane Thompson president of HBR. Laborsky says Thompson’s “extensive background in battery end-of-life management makes him one of the world’s leading experts in this rapidly evolving industry.”

The company did not provide an estimated time frame for construction of the battery reuse and recycling facility.