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River Ridge board approves learning center

(photo courtesy of the River Ridge Commerce Center)

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) – The River Ridge Development Authority (RRDA) in Jeffersonville has approved two measures that will support ongoing development and job creation at River Ridge Commerce Center. The board approved a rent-free lease of nearly 25 acres for a proposed learning center and training facility as well as design work for additional sanitary sewer improvements.

The RRDA says both measures were approved unanimously by its board of directors. 

The RRDA says the learning center and training facility will be developed by Jeffersonville-based America Place. River Ridge Executive Director Jerry Acy says recruiting and retaining employers and jobs at River Ridge is the board’s number one priority.

“Recruiting and retaining employers and jobs at River Ridge is our No. 1 priority. This would greatly enhance the park and support the companies located here. Our board supports this proposed concept and looks forward to working with this developer to make the project a reality,” said Acy.

Additionally, Indianapolis-based civil engineering firm Jacobi, Toombs & Lanz Inc. will prepare preliminary design documents for additional sanitary sewer improvements for the northern area of the River Ridge Commerce Center. River Ridge says the initial phase is a necessary step in partnership with the city of Charlestown to ensure adequate wastewater treatment capacity for future growth.

The total contract amount is $575,000. Through an agreement with Charlestown, River Ridge says the city will reimburse 25% of the costs for design and construction.

“The approval of this contract symbolizes the strength of the city’s partnership with RRDA and confirms that Charlestown is an integral part of the region’s development,” said Charlestown Mayor Treva Hodges. “I’m thrilled to have RRDA’s support for this much needed infrastructure repair.”

The RRDA says River Ridge is currently home to more than 60 businesses employing more than 10,000 workers.