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Kid-ing with Kayla: The “big candy bar” house on Halloween

Post Trick or Treat host interview

Kid-ing with Kayla: Our family loves to spend holidays together and Halloween is one of them. However, my mother refuses to leave her doorstep on this holiday due to her reputation as “the big candy bar house”.

My sister and I tease her, saying that the neighborhood kids don’t care about her the way we do. We would like for my mom to come to other neighborhoods and trick or treat with us and the kids but she is loyal to them on this spooky holiday.

After hearing her complain about the way the trick-or-treat kids acted this year, I decided to take my tootsie roll microphone and ask her the tough questions!


Anyone else love to be the “big candy bar” house 🤣 love my mom ❤️ #trickortreat #candy #fyp #family #mom

♬ original sound – Kayla Marie Sullivan

Tell me, mom, why are you perturbed? My mother was excited about the word I chose and asked if she taught it to me.

“Don’t dodge the question, mother!” I pushed. “Tell us what’s bothering you?”

She explained how when she handed big handfuls of candy to the kids, they asked for more. However, when she told them to take as much as they wanted, they only took one.

This was a good opportunity to encourage her to ditch those neighborhood kids and spend Halloween with me, my sister and our kids. I asked if she would consider this for next year.

“No comment,” said my mom. “I like being the big candy bar house.”

So, what about you? Do you like being the host with the most? Or are you like me and lay out a bowl of mediocre candy and call it a day? We want to hear about it! Follow me on Facebook and chime in on the conversation.

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