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Delphi murders defense team make new bias accusations against judge

Delphi murders defense team moves to disqualify judge

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The defense team in the Delphi murders case has made 14 new accusations against Special Judge Fran Gull, claiming she is biased against the defense and needs to recuse herself from the case.

The 40-page filing was the second time the defense has filed a motion to disqualify the judge appointed to the case from Allen County.

Richard Allen, 51, of Delphi, was arrested on Oct. 28, 2022, for the February 2017 murders of 13-year-old Abigail “Abby” Williams and 14-year-old Liberty “Libby” German near the Monon High Bridge in Delphi.

In his attorneys’ first filing, they cited 18 reasons. The second filing adds 14 more grievances against the judge.

Allen’s attorney’s claim the judge is biased against him because she has had one-sided communications with witnesses for the defense who did not include the defense team.

They also claim Gull called them negligent and incompetent in filings and, in court, has shown bias against them.

They say the bias goes even further because Gull has handled filings by the prosecution and defense differently, granting hearings for the prosecution quickly while taking a long time to grant hearings and make decisions on defense motions.

One of the defense attorneys’ biggest complaints about the judge is that she would not extend the trial that was supposed to be happening in May. They say, by her not extending the trial, it violated Allen’s constitutional rights to a fair trial.

They also say Gull is biased because she has not allowed cameras in the courtroom, except for the one hearing where the defense team was originally thrown off of the case.

There were a slew of other filings in the case Friday.

Gull denied, in part, a defense motion to delay hearings scheduled for next week.

The defense had asked for the delay to have more time to prepare after new testimony was uncovered during recent depositions.

The judge did push back the hearing on the testimony, but she will hear arguments next week about whether or not confessions made by Allen in a state prison while awaiting trial will be admissible in court. He was moved to the prison after the Carroll County said he was unable to keep Allen in the county jail.

Gull next week will also hear arguments about what the defense team can and cannot say to a jury during the trial scheduled for October.