Landscaper makes do amid continuing rains

Landscapers make do with the rain

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Nothing says June in Indiana like chopping wood in the rain.

Just ask Daren Arterberry, the owner of First Choice Trees in Indianapolis.

In Tuesday morning’s pouring rain, Arterberry and one of his more water-resistant employees made the best of the wet situation and chopped wood.  

“We should be cutting trees down, but it makes it really hard to get into people’s yards with all of this rain without tearing people properties up,” Arterberry said. 

Arterberry lives really close to the White River.

“We are also preparing for flooding possible off the White River. You know, this area floods a lot when we get this much rain, so the White River is up right now quite a bit and, if it continues to rain, we will be splitting wood preparing to dry our houses out,” Arterberry said.

News 8 meteorologists say the past couple of days have been soakers in Marion County and the counties south of Indianapolis. Several have received almost 5 inches of rain since Saturday morning.