Learning about the Hairy Armadillo with Silly Safaris

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Everyone, meet Melon, Daddy, Ruffles and Rugby!

They’re a “family” of hairy armadillos who aren’t afraid of the camera!

Fun facts about armadillos:

There are 20 different types of armadillos.
The 9 Banded Armadillo is the one that lives in our country.
The 9 Banded Armadillo and Humans are the only species that get leprosy.
Fun question to ask: Does the 9 banded live in Indiana? The answer is YES! You find them along the Ohio river closer to Evansville.
Armadillos do NOT have teeth! They are in their own group in Nature.
They eat what they find when they find it and they are all good diggers.
The GIANT armadillo weighs over 100 lbs!

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