Light for Levi: Zionsville toddler’s fight for life becomes worldwide inspiration

ZIONSVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – A Zionsville toddler’s fight for life is garnering attention and prayers from around the world. The message “Light for Levi” is spreading on social media and yellow ribbons can be spotted on mailboxes across Indiana. The story behind all of it is one of heartbreak and hope.

“Every day I look at it and it just reminds me to pray for his smile to come back,” said Meagan Chisholm, as she looks at a painting of her son’s smile.

Meagan Chisholm holds painting of her son, Levi

No parent should feel the pain she and her husband Scott are facing, but while Meagan misses her son’s smile, she’s thankful 2-year old Levi is still here in her arms.

“We are finding our moments of hope and that’s what we hold onto every day,” said Meagan.

In November of 2020, the family of six had gone to a friend’s house to swim at an indoor pool. Somehow during dinner, the twins slipped away. The pool was covered, but it didn’t matter.

“It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. And both Lainey and Levi were in the pool,” said Meagan.

The twins were rushed to Peyton Manning Children’s hospital and the prayers started pouring in.

“We didn’t know if we would be doing this journey with two babies or just one… or any. And we are just so thankful that we have both babies, that our kids are here with us. Thank God every day for that and thank God for Lainey’s miracle,” said Meagan.

(Provided Photo/Chisholm family)

Lainey made a full recovery. For Levi, the journey has been more difficult. The lack of oxygen left him with severe brain damage. Since then, the family has been working to wake him up.

“He’s certainly more aware,” said Dr. Brad Ralston, Levi’s functional neurologist. “He has got better eye movements and his tone is looking better.”

The family is using methods of functional neurology, stem cell and laser treatments from out of state to help Levi.

“Little things are changing and it gives you hope that this guy is going to wake up,” said Dr. Nancy Cooper, with Cooper Family Pediatric Chiropractic.

 Along with chiropractic adjustments about three times a week, Levi receives constant MRNI physical therapy at home.

(Provided Photo/Chisholm family)

“The fact that he is rolling, and he is making these eye contacts and his mouth is moving and eyes are blinking,” said Dr. Angela Kumar, one of Levi’s physical therapists. “Really, the sky is the limit.”

Levi, is slowly responding. His family can also see the changes and has faith in the future.

“Having faith that we were going to get our son back. And it meant finding ways to win the day. Just to put one foot in front of the other and have hope,” said Scott.

“It is why we are still standing,” said Meagan. “This community that has kind of rallied behind us, prayer warriors. It is like nothing I have ever seen and nothing I could have ever imagined.”

Hope has been constant these past few months. It’s something the community is conveying with signs of support, like yellow ribbons on mailboxes. And on social media, the response has been overwhelming.

Within hours of the accident, hundreds of thousands of people from across the world shared Levi’s story online and started praying.

(Provided Photo/Chisholm family)

“We have half a million people praying for us. I mean it is just incredible and we hope too that through our story we are spreading the light. And that’s kind of where the whole light for Levi came from,” said Meagan.

#LightForLevi has turned into a movement. Spreading awareness about brain injuries and alternate therapies, while helping other families going through the same thing. The family created the Facebook page Light for Levi and Lainey where they continue to share both the good and the bad of this journey and where thousands of people send messages of prayers and support.

Volunteers have made shirts, bracelets, even handmade gifts, and music. In April, a virtual run for Levi helped raise money for the family’s medical bills. It is an outpouring of support, never expected.

“We are so grateful, and it is our goal to pay it forward and to do good for others,” said Meagan. 

Proving light outshines even the darkest times.

“If we can help save even one child in the future, that to us is what our goal is,” said Meagan. “That we too can help spread the light for Levi.”