7 residents of Johnson County senior living facility test positive for coronavirus

7 residents of Johnson County senior living facility test positive for coronavirus

FRANKLIN, Ind. (WISH) — Residents from a Johnson County senior living facility were transported to the hospital after testing positive for coronavirus. The facility says these are not the first positive results they have seen.

On Tuesday, Otterbein Senior Life tested 10 residents for COVID-19. Late Wednesday evening the results came back with seven residents testing positive. They were all taken to the hospital.

“The best place for them to be to promote recovery is in the hospital,” said Gary Horning with Otterbein Senior Life.

All of the seven were over the age of 65, three of them are male and four are female.

“Majority of the seven were connected by the specific unit that they were in while at Otterbein,” said Horning.

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Most of them lived in the rehabilitative care unit. First, on March 14 a contracted therapist reported having symptoms. She later tested positive for the virus. Since then a nurse and one other resident also tested positive.

“We could show contact between those two and two of the other residents but not the other five,” said Horning. “It is very difficult to track specifically the contact that they may have had that passed on the virus.”

Emergency crews in Johnson County are seeing a decrease in overall runs, but the calls they are getting are similar to this case.

“Usually if people are calling 911 at this point they are pretty sick,” said Mike Pruitt with Johnson County Joint Incident Management. “So now the people we are getting are people who truly need to be transported to the hospital and that is kind of what we have been shooting for.”

According the Horning, most of the residents had conditions that were normal for their age, but there was one resident who had a long history of respiratory illness.

“And I think that that was one of the things that might have concealed the reality that it was a COVID positive,” said Horning.

Horning says that all of the residents are stable.

The facility started testing other patients on Thursday. Otterbein says they are moving asymptomatic residents from the unit where COVID-19 appears most prevalent into a separate unit, with designated caregivers.